Pastor Prince, I’m a 15-year-old from the Philippines. My family and I have been watching your sermons since 2009 and I enjoy all of them!

A couple of years ago, my teacher noticed an abnormal growth on the left side of my neck. I told my parents about it and we went to the doctor. Tests showed that it was a cystic hygroma—a benign but potentially disfiguring condition. It usually affects children, but mine manifested in my teens.

Surgery is the only cure and the entire growth must be removed to prevent it from coming back. In some cases, it may not be best to remove the growth if there is a risk of certain veins being affected.

Months passed and the cyst was still there. The doctor once again recommended surgery, but we chose to aspirate it instead to temporarily remove it from my neck.

After a month, the cyst came back. We returned to the doctor and he advised surgery once more. It was a stressful time for me and my family. I didn’t want a knife cutting me open. I knew God would heal me miraculously.

I continued to listen to your teachings on healing and wholeness through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. I also partook of the holy Communion with my family. By the following year, the cyst had shrunk but it didn’t completely go away. Nevertheless, I considered it gone.

Day after day, I spoke to the lump and commanded it to leave. I knew my words had power. I also spoke in tongues whenever I was alone or in prayer. Unfortunately, the following year, the cyst became infected and grew larger.

We went back to the doctor and was told that surgery was the only way to fix the problem. Still, I didn’t choose surgery. I knew the Lord was my doctor and healer. I believed He had already healed me when He hung on the cross.

I continued to rest and take my antibiotics and vitamins. My family and I also partook of the holy Communion every night and did not worry about the lump. One day, a basketball hit me during training and it aggravated the swelling. But less than two weeks later, the lump somehow disappeared completely! I finally had my normal neck back after 2 years!

I know and am confident that Jesus Himself removed the lump. He’s the only one who can help me look wonderful! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for bringing the grace message. I hope your ministry will continue to bless people around the world. To God be all the glory!

Mark  |  Philippines

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