My wife and I have been attending Grace Revolution Church in Dallas, Texas. It has truly been a year of greater glory in every area of our lives— our marriage, finances, career, and physical bodies. One of the many demonstrations of His amazing love came not long ago.

One Saturday evening, as I was preparing for bed, I noticed that my left testicle was enlarged and hard. I decided to make an appointment to see our family doctor first thing on Monday morning, as I knew that something was not right. I began to be worried and fearful.

But at church the next morning, I felt the Lord encourag­ing me through Pastor Prince’s broadcast message. I was also prayed over and anointed with oil. When Monday came, my wife and I went to the doctor in a state of peace as we rested in our Father’s love.

After I had an ultrasound and a consultation with a urolo­gist, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Despite the doc­tor’s report, we chose to cling to the report of the Lord. We knew our heavenly Father would guide us in the decisions we needed to make and we sensed an overwhelming peace in the midst of the storm. We felt so at rest in the finished work of Jesus and were filled with an unexplainable joy. We believed that just as Jesus is, so was I in my physical body.

The doctor wanted to move forward with surgery that Thursday to remove the mass in the left testicle. That would be followed up with a computerized tomography (CT) scan on Friday to assess what further treatment would be needed. During the consultation, we felt very restful about mov­ing forward with the surgery and decided to schedule the procedure, believing that I was already healed because of Jesus’ finished work. We also continually reminded ourselves of our righteousness in Him as we partook of the Holy Com­munion daily.

On Thursday, the surgery went very well. However, after the surgery, the doctor spoke to my wife with much concern, as the cancerous mass was very large and belonged to the mixed germ cell tumor category. Despite the doctor’s concern, my wife and I continued to believe that I was completely free of cancer in my body.

On Friday morning, I went in for another CT scan to see if the cancer had spread to the nearby areas. I went in believ­ing that I was healed and that nothing would be found. When the doctor looked over the report, he was astounded. The CT scan confirmed that I was completely cancer-free and extremely healthy.

The doctor found the report very shocking because his expe­rience had taught him that cancer cells of the size and type that I had would certainly have spread to the surrounding areas. He had actually already made an appointment for me to see a specialist to discuss the options for chemotherapy and radiation therapy even before the CT scan. However, after looking at the report, he agreed that it was no longer necessary and canceled the appointment!

The doctor was very pleased to see how quickly I recovered and was able to return to my normal activities. The surgery took place right in the midst of my off-season training program, which meant there were no setbacks in my training whatsoever. This was important to me as a professional athlete.

My wife and I know that our heavenly Father had pro­tected me and kept the cancer contained, and subsequently had it removed. What the enemy tried to use as a setback, our heavenly Father used as a divine set‑up. Now, as I share this story with people I cross paths with, I am able to use it as a glorious testimony of the health and wholeness that we have in Jesus. Through the whole experience, my wife and I were able to remain at rest because we knew that the Father sees us as righteous through His Son, Jesus, and we are completely loved by Him.

Glory to God!

Julian  |  Texas, United States

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