I’d fallen into many vices as a young boy even though I grew up in the church. My father wasn’t always around and my mother, though she tried her best, couldn’t keep me from the things I indulged in as a young boy.  

I started smoking at 13 and by the time I was 20, I had pretty much done every hard drug that could be obtained in my city—marijuana, cocaine, crack, codeine, and other pills. I was associated with a very well-known cult in my country and was rising through the ranks quickly. I was also rusticated from 2 universities which brought so much shame and sadness to my family.  

One day, I was lazily surfing through channels on television when I came across Pastor Prince’s program. The things he talked about and the way he presented the gospel of grace brought so much peace to me. I thought, Wow, I have to have more of this.  

So I set a reminder for whenever Pastor Prince’s sermons would air next, and no matter how high I was, I always tuned in to listen to the amazing grace of God. This prompted me to dive into the Bible myself to find out more about God’ grace. 

Watching Pastor Prince’s programs on satellite television in Nigeria has changed my life tremendously. Through his ministry, I was able to learn about the gracious love of God in a way I’d never known before as I grew up believing I had to do good in order to get good from God, and when I failed, I had to confess all my sins.  

I had tried to stop taking drugs in the past, but the longest I had ever gone was 10 days, and I found myself back in my addiction and even worse off than before. I heard praise reports of other addicts declaring that they are the righteousness of God in Christ even in the midst of their addictions as they trusted the Lord for deliverance, and I began to declare that too.  

It has been over 3 years since Jesus set me free from my addiction! Every desire and craving I had has completely disappeared. I no longer associate myself with the cult and am back in university studying to become the first lawyer in my extended family. Everyone is proud of me now. 

I really want to thank the Lord for Pastor Prince’s ministry. Through the grace of God presented to me by his ministry, I have been set free from the things that once held me bound. Hallelujah! 

Theo  Nigeria

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