Back in 2011, I was struggling with an addiction to pornography. I would view some kind of pornographic material almost every day.

After watching, I would loathe what I did for most of the day. It was really affecting my relationships, my self-esteem, and my physical health. However, I never seemed to be able to stop even though I tried. I could reduce my watching for a short time, but could never fully quit.

During this time, I was watching your broadcast and heard you say in one of your sermons to confess that “I am the righteousness of God in Christ,” even during and after a failure. Well, what I had been doing wasn’t working, so I decided to confess that I was righteous and not even try to overcome the habit anymore. I kept confessing and watching your sermons daily.

One summer afternoon, as I was watching pornography, I suddenly thought, “I don’t want to do this.” Ever since that day, I have had no desire or taste for pornographic material! The addiction to pornography is gone and it has been over two years since I have watched any pornography.

This is truly a miracle. What I was powerless to do, by the grace of God, the Holy spirit did.

Thank you so much for your teaching and showing me the amazing grace of God. Without it, I would most likely still be in bondage and suffering the effects of it.

Anonymous Pennsylvania, United States

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